Company profile
 Hyundai Forklift is one of the product series of Hyundai Group. Hyundai Korea is the largest enterprise group in Korea - --- Hyundai Forklift is the sole proprietorship of Hyundai Heavy Industry (China) Investment Co., Ltd. The company is managed by Hyundai Heavy Industry Holding Company, and the complete production equipment is introduced by Hyundai Group. Foreign experts and skilled workers who have graduated from training in Korea have ensured the excellent quality of products in management and production.

 Hyundai forklift truck was established on September 1, 2002. With the vigorous development of modern heavy industry, the company has developed rapidly and steadily. Hyundai forklift trucks are gradually becoming the largest manufacturer of forklift trucks and excavators in China. Domestic manufacturers with the most complete specifications and varieties of forklift trucks and excavators have also become the most potential and competitive enterprises in the forklift and excavator industries.

 Hyundai forklift trucks will adopt T.P.M. comprehensive production management, T.Q.C. total quality management, in line with the "diligent, frugal, loving" social training and the spirit of "thriving, pioneering advanced technology, united and enterprising", carry out the whole staff reward mechanism, adhering to the spirit of the modern group's active pioneering spirit, and persevering will, and continue to use it with perseverance. On the premise of user's needs, Hyundai forklift truck factory will be developed into a famous enterprise in the construction machinery industry of China and even the world, creating a myth in the construction machinery industry of China. We will make greater contributions to China's western development, China's modernization drive and the progress of social civilization.